Shonda Bottke

Blue Honu Mosaics, Ann Arbor, MI

As a mosaic artist I get my inspiration from nature and the minutiae in everyday objects. I look for the unique qualities or hidden spirit of the glass I’m working with and use that as a catalyst to create an organic and fluid mosaic. Recently, I’ve been incorporating various tesserae into my mosaics to help create depth and perspective to my work. I am particularly fond of utilizing transparent Venetian smalti and stained glass on mirror to create a jewel-like glow to my work. I also try to utilize various glass cutting techniques in each mosaic to keep my work interesting and dynamic.


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"Adelita’s Misfortune"
Stained glass, art glass, amethyst,
moonstone, fresh water pearls, glass
pebbles, glass beads, plastic net
on recycled mirror and plywood
35" x 29"

"Bird of Paradise"
Art glass and stained glass on plywood
22" x 18"

Transparent Venetian smalti
on mirror and plywood
13.5" x 13.5"
"Sid, the Restless Octopus"
Discontinued art glass, stained glass,
dichroic glass, blue mirror, moonstones,
and labradorite on plywood
28" x 25"

"Just Keep Swimming..."
Art glass and moonstone on plywood
10" x 10"

Art glass, blue and green mirror,
transparent Venetian smalti, and quartz
geode on mirror, all on plywood with
hand-painted glitter grout lines
24" x 24"