Ilona Brustad

When I took my first mosaic workshop, I fell in love again. My response was immediate and intense. I needed to make mosaics. As a painter of 20 years experience, I had always been intrigued by the intense colors of Rouault and the primitive painters of Haiti, a country I have visited many times. Consequently, I found the shift to the color and texture possibilities of mosaics natural and intriguing. Since that first mosaic class I have experimented with a variety of materials - glass tiles, porcelain tiles, stones, found objects, and handmade tiles, to create unique innovative art works.



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"Searching for Meaning"
Broken colored glass, art glass, Van Gogh
glass, shells, beads, and gravel
24" x 32"

"Continental Divide"
Polymer tile, gold mirror tile, glass beads,
smalti, and vitreous glass tile
12" x 12"

"The Great Gate of Kiev"
Polymer tiles, painted glass, gold mirror tile,
millefiori, beads, and costume jewelry
32" x 24"

"Love in the Stone Age"
Polymer tiles, glass tiles, millefiori,
smalti, and semiprecious stones
12" x 12"

"Troubled Waters"
Art glass and millefiori
17" x 21"

"Yearning to Fly"
Painted glass tiles, polymer tiles, glass
tiles, millefiori, slate, and pebbles
25" x 31"