Joan Schwartz

Art has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. Through the years my interests have evolved, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting in many different medium. This progression has led to my latest body of mixed media mosaic creations. Each work incorporates added touches from my many years of collecting items and supports my desire to expand my own unique style.

For me art is an addiction. Never passing on an opportunity to take another workshop, whether at a local venue, or traveling to many wonderful cities in the US or through out the world. The craving to continually search for more found objects and to exchange ideas with fellow artists, only adds fuel to my never ending desire to learn, improve and create.

Recently my work was rewarded by the acceptance into ArtPrize 2010, along with my creative partner Jacqui Ridley.



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Stained glass, handmade tiles, gold tapestry
glass, handpainted clear glass flowers, Van Gogh
 glass, mirror glass, seed beads,copper beads
and rods, wire, and glass beads
46" x 32"

"Kimono" detail

"Where We Live" (ArtPrize 2010,
collaboration with Jacqui Ridley)
Smalti, stained glass, 24 carat gold glass,
millefiori, lamp glass, ceramic, handmade
porcelain flowers, wood, handpainted clear glass,
 mirror glass, seed beads, metal, dichroic
glass, and battery operated clock
10' x 5'

Stained glass, iridized glass,
and vitreous glass
12" x 15"

"Where We Live" detail

"Tranquility" (SAMA Salon 2011)
Stained glass, handmade tiles, gold leaf, acrylic
 paint, seed beads, millefiori, and glass button
6" x 12"