Most of my work is a reflection of my passion for nature and the earth. I am particularly fascinated by birds, flowers, trees and water. I love looking at nature from different views; from under the microscope to through the atmosphere.

Recently, I have been exploring the earth as viewed from space. Aerial imaging of water forms and the surrounding land are particularly fascinating to me. My resources include photographs, books, scientific journals, magazines and many websites.

I begin with rough sketches usually in black and white or altered images. Then I explore stained glass that has the color, movement, depth and texture that I want to incorporate. Smalti and different types of stone along with the glass gives much of my work the additional surface texture that I love. I often work on several pieces at once. My inspiration is everywhere and I feel compelled to express it.

phone: (734) 905-5000


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"Around the Bend"
Smalti, gold smalti, stained glass, and mirror
18" x 24"

"Cheryl's Birch Forest"
Stained glass
18" x 24"

Stained glass
20" x 26"

"Hibiscus Too!"
Stained glass
13" x 16"

"On the Lookout"
Stained glass
17.5" x 25.5"


"Western Sky"
Stained glass and smalti
48" x 36"