Virginia Stevens

Art is a journey. Virginia started this journey in college and has progressed to becoming the founder of Mosaic Artists of Michigan. The journey has not ended with mosaic but developed in mosaic. In the world of mosaic you can travel and grow in so many directions. It’s a process that excites and evolves to art on the most innovative level. Virginia’s award winning art is in both private and public installations in Michigan, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. She welcomes commissions.


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"Zulu King: African Pride"
Glass, carved bone, beads, paper collage, polished stone, mother of pearl spines, and glass frit
30" x 33"

Glass and stones
5' x 3' x 3 1/2' 

"Painted Lady"
Stained glass
30" diameter

"Out of the Night"
Variety of textured black glass
17" x 17"

"Ode to Billy Joel"
Glass, tiles, millefiori, glass frit,
 and piano keys
25" x 38"

"Afterglow II"
Glass, tiles, glass rods, polished
stones, and glass frit
12" x 20"