Ruth Tyszka

Art has been a part of my life since I was a child and my mother forbade coloring books on the theory that coloring within the lines stifles creativity; instead I was given an endless supply of empty paper and all the tools to fill it. Decades later I was introduced to stained glass and mosaic art and I knew I was creatively "home." I have only to see the materials—stained glass, vitreous glass tile, ceramic, smalti, stone, found objects—and my ideas and designs demand that I create. I crave cutting and gluing glass and I am attracted to color, pattern and mosaic materials to the point of distraction.

In my latest fine artwork I manipulate materials and substrates, often in three dimensions, to bring my ideas, images and emotions to life. I often create an environment, habitat or story with one or more found objects as inspiration. I get as much joy and satisfaction from teaching mosaic art to others as I get from creating it.



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"Inspiration From St. Therese of Lisieux"
Glass, ceramic tile, stained glass,
wood, metal and porcelain found
objects, and a prayer card
30" x 17"

"Up a Tree"
Glass and ceramic tile, stained
glass, granite, and found objects
24" x 10"

"All Blues III"
Smalti, ceramic, millefiori, and glass tile
12" x 12"

"In the Pink"
Smalti, millefiori, and glass tile
12" x 12"