Marilyn Willingham

I’ve had a love for stained glass most of my life and was fortunate enough to be able to incorporate it into my life almost 30 years ago when I took my first beginning stained glass class as a hobby. Many years, classes, seminars and conventions across the U.S. and I’m still as passionate as ever about glass, although it has taken a lot of detours from traditional stained glass windows! I save all my scraps since I never know what use it’ll have when I dabble in a new area. The glass world has grown so much and so have I. Besides teaching glass and mosaic classes, I still enjoy being the ever learning student. I enter my work in group shows, have won awards for my art, do private and public commissions and have been part of larger permanent installations. That first glass class became a significant part of my life and has lead me into many different directions that I truly enjoy. If wishes grew on trees, I would hope that everyone could be given an opportunity to explore their creative side.


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"Terra Incognita"
Stained glass, beads, nuggets, decorative
 stones, millefiori, and glass finds
14" x 18"

"Chick Magnet"
Stained glass, fusible iridized glass, millefiori,
Italian glass rods, and decorative stones
10" x 14"

"Shoe Bop"
Stained glass, ceramics, glass beads,
vitreous tiles, glass nuggets, and misc.
finds on a shoe
"Iris, Hosta, and the Queen"
Stained glass, glass beads, moretti
stringers, nuggets, glass marbles
and decorative stones on a
hand painted frame and mirror
20" x 24"

"Grape Table"
Stained glass on wood table
16" x 16"

"Free Spirit Sunflower"
Stained glass and iridized glass
17" diameter