Wasentha Young

There is something profound about the process of creating mosaic art that resonates with me. Maybe it is because it dates back to the use of pebbles and stones for roads; or finding inspiration in the Roman/African flooring in Tunisia and the Moorish tiling on walls in Granada - to learning about the Byzantine period where glass was introduced into the art and used on church walls and ceilings in Italy. The Incans and Aztecs also used mosaics. As I hammer, snip, score and break my materials to embellish an object, dive into the abstract world, or create a true to life impression, the dynamic colors of minerals, stones, glass, and even incorporating found objects into my work is nourishing.

Creative Flow
In front of illuminated crystals
Of brilliant colors and feelings
I glimpse into my soul
Here...lies the wisdom of ages, of eons
The light of creativity


email: wasentha@comcast.net

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"Inspired by Earth"
Bismuth, Orsoni mosaic gold, and smalti
20" x 10"

"Inspired by Earth" close-up
Stained glass and dichroic glass
22" x 30"

"Falling into Winter"
30" x 20"

"Knossos 2"
Smalti, stained glass, and millefiori
14" x 9"

"Knossos 1"
Smalti and millefiori
11" x 14"